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How to Keep from Feeling Scattered and Drained Feeling scattered and distracted? Are you drained and tired? You may have left some of your energy with other people and places as you went through your day. Try this guided meditation to make room for what's yours and call it back to you.

How to Heal Emotional Pain - Disappointment & Betrayal

Energy Activation Meditation to heal emotional pain caused by disappointment and betrayal. You are powerful. You are valuable. You are resilient. Private Sessions: Music Attribution: "Music by Thaddeus" #healing #energyhealing #meditation #depression #anxiety #disappointment #betrayal

How to Release Negative Energy - Be a Screen Not a Sponge

A quick simple energy exercise for empaths and students of human design. Release energy that you pick up from others. #PositiveEnergy #Healing #Anxiety #Wellness #Humandesign #empath

Activate Appreciate (Gratitude) Guided Meditation Lightworkers are you feeling heavy hearted? Do you want to raise your vibration with appreciation? Are you ready to open up your heart and allow light to flow through? Enjoy this guided meditation to activate gratitude and appreciation in your life. "Music by Thaddeus"
Amanda Young is a certified Human Design Specialist & Reiki Master providing Human Design Analysis, Reiki & Energetic Life Coaching.

Squirrels Eating Junk Food (a work in progress) Two squirrels were spotted eating junkfood one week apart. One was seen eating a waffle fry at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in Western, NC. The other was spotted making off with a pancake in Johnson City, TN #funny animals #nature #animals

Relaxing Aquarium Meditation

Relaxing at Ripley's Aquarium - Gatlinburg, TN Enjoy sea dragons, jellyfish and an assortment of other sea life with relaxing meditation music. Feel your anxiety and tension melt away as you watch these aquarium scenes. (A work in progress) #meditation #anxiety #relaxation #Ripley's Aquarium Musical Attribution: "Music by Thaddeus"

Meditation - Healing the Pain of Disappointment

May 2016 Power Half Hour Mini-Break includes a meditation to heal disappointment and pain All of the exercises we do in the Power Half Hour Mini-Breaks are meant to activate your own self-healing abilities. This month's meditation focuses on healing disappointment, bitterness, anger, resentment and pain.

Chaos to Calm Are you feeling chaotic inside and sensitive to the drama around you? Do you want to be the calm amid the storms in your life? Here are some practical tools to release, renew and revive your energy.

Mary M. Ernsberger -

There is a new herbalist who set up shop near my town. I went in today to get an herbal tea to soothe my senses and fortify my body. It wasn’t a large purchase by any means. And more than obtaining the tea, I wanted to meet and connect with this lady and welcome her to our healing community. We had a lovely conversation which I hope leads to more community connection and expansion in the future.

When I returned home and unpacked my tea I got a little pleasant surprise. She had tucked a little reminder in my package about the importance of spending money.

The trick with spending money lies in knowing, with every fiber of your being, that it will return. AND SO IT MUST. AS IF ON WINGS….. The Universe”

A lovely reminder and a lovely little gift!

The Natural Flow of Exchange

Every living thing has a balance which is dependent upon exchange for its well-being. It requires each entity to provide something of value that the other entity can take in and use. In that process of exchange something must also be released. Consider the relationship we have to trees. We take in the oxygen that trees produce. In order to inhale the oxygen we must release the carbon dioxide from our lungs by exhaling. The trees can then take in the carbon dioxide for nourishment and then make the oxygen that they release for us to use. The give and take happens so naturally that we don’t even think about it.

Why then is it often difficult for humans to translate the natural flow of exchange for the purpose of well-being into more sophisticated experiences? We tend to get confused, for example, about how to exchange our gifts in a way which allows us to take care of our physical needs and thrive. Often money or support in other forms doesn’t come in the way we expect, and we’re left to grapple with survival instead of floating in the immense sea of abundance that we know instinctively is here for us. So what gets in the way of the natural exchange of money and resources in all forms that we’re here to have?