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To Thrive in a Stressful World

Chaos to Calm Are you feeling chaotic inside and sensitive to the drama around you? Do you want to be the calm amid the storms in your life? Here are some practical tools to release, renew and revive your energy.

The Natural Flow of Exchange

The Natural Flow of Exchange

Every living thing has a balance which is dependent upon exchange for its well-being. It requires each entity to provide something of value that the other entity can take in and use. In that process of exchange something must also be released. Consider the relationship we have to trees. We take in the oxygen that trees produce. In order to inhale the oxygen we must release the carbon dioxide from our lungs by exhaling. The trees can then take in the carbon dioxide for nourishment and then make the oxygen that they release for us to use. The give and take happens so naturally that we don’t even think about it.

Why then is it often difficult for humans to translate the natural flow of exchange for the purpose of well-being into more sophisticated experiences? We tend to get confused, for example, about how to exchange our gifts in a way which allows us to take care of our physical needs and thrive. Often money or support in other forms doesn’t come in the way we expect, and we’re left to grapple with survival instead of floating in the immense sea of abundance that we know instinctively is here for us. So what gets in the way of the natural exchange of money and resources in all forms that we’re here to have?

Prosperity is More than Just Money

Prosperity is More than Just Money

When most people think of prosperity they think of having a lot of money. While financial abundance is the common definition of prosperity, it is not the only definition. Prosperity can also be defined as “thriving” and “flourishing”. There is a common misconception that if you are financially prosperous you are thriving and flourishing.

What if your ability to thrive and flourish is really the foundation for true prosperity? What if, in a sustainable system, the money is just a by-product to indicate that have you stabilized all the other areas of your life?

I’m not saying that the key to wealth is to bliss out and float aimlessly through life. When it comes to the actual mechanics of making and keeping and growing money, you do have to have some practical skills and knowledge about how to manage your finances. I’m just saying that all the financial management skills in the world aren’t going to lead you to the factors which sustain you in the long run. As we have seen in the world financial markets in recent years….

Shaky Foundation = Shaky Finances

Most of the organizations and structures which are here for the sole purpose of making money aren’t doing so well right now. If you look at organizations which are making money as a result of their connection and service to other people, you can feel the difference in how they flourish.

You can thrive and flourish in amazingly vibrant ways. But if you are stuck in the pursuit of money for survival, and may be missing some other foundational pieces which truly support you.

Do you know that it’s impossible to escape from abundance?

We humans are creating beings, and where we place our intentions determines what shows up in abundant amounts. It shows up in response to our thoughts, feelings and actions. You can have an abundance of anything, even scarcity!

What type of abundance are you creating? Here is an example of an abundance wheel. When all of the sections of you life are fulfilled in these categories, you have established a firm foundation to prosper in all ways. Your categories may be slightly different depending on your values. Try making an abundance wheel of your own to help guide you to sustainable positive abundance.

Abundance Wheel